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Property Opportunities

We are accepting expressions of interest from investors with an appetite for profiting from real estate deals.

Our Property Opportunity Fund will take advantage of situations where money talks. It could be a particular off-market deal where a vendor is having to accept a materially discounted price for a quick settlement settlement or short-term and low-risk mezzanine financing situation or taking control and subsequently selling a property where a short-term play such as obtaining permits adds significant value.

One way or another and for a variety of reasons, property does not always change hands at fair market value. In these situations the old adage “Cash is King” certainly applies.

While we have a specialist team of independent consultants who are the source of much opportunity, this does not mean that quality situations come by the door every day. Experienced “property eyes” are patient and know which ones are worthwhile.

Until invested in a particular play, money sits on deposit at overnight Cash rates.

The minimum investment amount is $10,000 and subscriptions will remain open until there is enough to support intended activity at which point the Fund will likely be closed and reserved for those who have subscribed.

If you would like to participate, please submit details via the Contact form below. You will not be committing to a subscription until you receive a formal investment offer from Ricard Securities in the form of an Investment Memorandum (IM) but having submitted your details, we will expect that you have the genuine interest, financial capability and investment awareness to sensibly commit funds to such an agenda and are not just an idle tyre-kicker.

Prior to issuing the IM we will screen for suitability and will want a meaningful discussion with you to confirm your eligibility.

We’ll look forward to delivering a great outcome.